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Morpheus Property Group Pty Ltd has made every effort to accurately represent and describe all information and material contained on our website and publications. Any testimonials on our website and in our publications have been freely provided. Where examples of third party rental returns, property values and capital gains are shown, these were supplied by the third parties or their advisors. We are not representing to you or any other user of our website and services that the same or similar results will be achieved by the use of our website, services and publications. Each individuals results may vary from those presented, depending upon the individual’s capacity, negotiation and investment knowledge, experience and level of desire to succeed. We do not guarantee your success and are not responsible for your actions.

Morpheus Property Group Pty Ltd and our staff neither purport, nor intend to give any accounting, legal, taxation or investment advice. It is recommended that you seek professional advice from an independent, licensed, qualified investment adviser, accountant or legal practitioner prior to making any purchase or enacting an investment or financial plan. In no way is it the intention of Morpheus Property Group Pty Ltd or our staff to encourage users of this website or our publications to evade tax or any lawful responsibility they may have.

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