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If you’re selling your property, we help identify the best agent in the area to sell your property. We interview them and ensure they’re taking an appropriate marketing approach and protect you from being charged excessive marketing costs, etc.

How can Morpheus Property add value?
- Give you a clear understanding of what the property should sell for in the current market
Give you impartial advice on how to best present the property and any improvements you should make (if any)
- Highlight an effective strategy (as opposed to that preferred by a particular agency).
- Do background research into the agents and agencies so we know:
- Who's listing the properties in the area?
- Who's selling high volumes of property (days on market)?
- Which agencies deal with your price range?
- Who has high discounting rates (difference between advertised and sale price)?
- Who
are the good agents within the agency?
- What are reasonable terms for you to engage a real estate agent?

What we'll do for you?
- Research the information mentioned above
- Interview a selection of agents
- Arrange for the best agent to contact you and get started!!

This service is FREE for the person selling their property, so why wait? Get the best agent working for you.

Contact us on 1300 911 576.

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