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An MPA Report from Morpheus Property helps you interrogate a property in detail. The report is designed to measure how well the target property measures against your stated objectives.

Which MPA Report suits you?

Different reports suit different people’s needs. At Morpheus Property, we recognise this and offer our clients a range of reports to fit different occasions.

MPA Lite
MPA Lite Brief: MPA Lite is a brief report, which focuses on the essential details of the property.

Time: Within 24 hours.

Cost: $220

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MPA Comprehensive
MPA Comprehensive Brief: MPA Comprehensive is very detailed report, which focuses on the property's value.

Time: Within 3 days.

Cost: $440

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MPA Inspection
MPA Inspection Brief: MPA Inspection is the most detailed and includes a phyiscial inspection for added confidence.

Time: Within 3 days (subject to access to the property).

Cost: $660

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Understanding your MPA Report

The report structure starts with your needs, and then explores detail relating to the property giving an expert opinion on the property’s suitability to meet your needs. Finally, the report makes recommendations on what to do next. 

In addition to raw data, you will also see our comments and opinion on important points.

We have also disclosed the reliability of the information in the report. Some information may come from the owner or real estate agent, while some may be extracted from a variety of databases or it may come from your buyer’s agent physically inspecting the property. As you can imagine, your confidence in the data will vary depending on the source.

Why use a MPA Report?

There are many reasons why you may wish to order a MPA Report. Here are some main reasons given by some of our buyers:

  • “It’s a thorough process, leaving no stone unturned”
  • “Gave me the confidence to go to auction, knowing the value of the property”
  • “Highlighted some high risk aspects of the property I wasn’t aware of”
  • “I just don’t have the time to do the research myself, but still wanted to purchase my next property with confidence”

What does the report include?

In short, this report contains information to help guide your property purchase decision, compiled by your Buyer’s Agent. Your Buyer’s Agent is experienced in the property market and well qualified to give advice in relation to buying property. The information available may differ between each property, based on the property’s transaction history, council records, etc.

What doesn’t the report include?

The report does not replace the need for:

  • Conveyancing searches
  • A building and pest inspection
  • Swimming pool inspection
  • Any aspect of the property that would require an expert opinion (such as those typically required by a structural engineer, swimming pool inspector, etc)

These tasks should be carried out by those suitably trained and qualified to do so.

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