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As your property Buyer's Agent, we make achieving your property goals a breeze!

The Buyer’s Agency Service is the core service offered by Morpheus Property. In short, you appoint your Buyer’s Agent to act on your behalf throughout the property purchase process.

This is a truly comprehensive service, where you only need to make critical decisions. Beyond these decisions, you can get on with the rest of your life (work, holidays, play, time with family, etc). Your Buyer’s Agents key tasks include:


Your Buyer’s Agent will ensure you buy the right property at the right price. Your Buyers Agent will conduct a through search of properties on the market (often involves analysing hundreds of properties for each client) and create a shortlist for you to select the best property on the market.

You then pick the property you like from the shortlist and send your Buyer’s Agent back into battle for you. Their role is to negotiation on your behalf and ensure you get the best result. Your Buyer’s Agent does all the hard work and keeps on working until the keys are in your hand!!

We are with you from the beginning, through to when you turn the key. We stay with you until you're ready for your next property or project. Ultimately, your success is our success, so our goal is to get your property portfolio moving and keep it moving!

Residential and Commercial = 2.50% of the property purchase price (GST Incl), with a Commencement Fee of $1,100.

First Home Owners = 2.2% of the property purchase price (GST Incl), with a Commencement Fee of $550.

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Or please call us on 1300 911 576 or send us an email if you fall into one of the following categories:

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