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What is a Buyer’s Agent? >>

A Buyer's Agent represents you during the process of purchasing a property. Just as a Real Estate Agent represents the seller, a Buyer’s Agent represents the interests of the buyer exclusively and saves you time, dollars and stress in the process.Tip the odds in your favour and let Morpheus Property negotiate your next deal.

What is the significance of the name "Morpheus"? >>

Morpheus - The Greek God of dreams. We all have dreams, however, many people fail to realise them. At Morpheus Property, we help "Turn Dreams into Reality" more...

What is being Investment Ready? Surely that is just having pre-approved finance?

Being investment ready is MORE then having a finance pre-approval and don’t call me Shirley. Being investment ready means that when an opportunity comes up in the market you are ready to move on it. Being investment ready is about having every “i” dotted and “t” crossed. more...

Have you considered asset protection and structuring?

People always think about finance but often miss one of the most important decisions – how will they hold the investment and what will be most tax effective for their situation. We have a range of strategic partners who can offer great advice in both of these areas.

What type of property gives me the best return on investment (ROI)?

There is a reason agent’s say location, location, location. The property that will give the biggest return on investment (ROI) is the property in the best location. The question of what is a good location can be driven by many factors and is not always an easy or obvious question to answer. Set a criteria for what you are looking for in a location and don’t compromise.

How long do you hold a property to maximise your return on investment?

Property is a long term investment. Investors who buy and sell properties in a short period of time will see most of their profits burnt up by the buying a selling costs. It is a nice idea but not realistic. To achieve the best return on your investment it is best to hold onto the property for at least a couple of years so that it has time to appreciate enough.

Are off-plan properties generally considered to be a better investment than finished property?

It depends if you want a return immediately or if you are willing to wait a few years. If you are willing to wait then the off-plan option is usually much more profitable as you can buy the property at a discount price and not have to pay a mortgage while the property is being built. Also off-plan property will be brand new when completed and wont carry the problems many older properties carry.

What property gives the best rental return?

It is always a good idea to sit back and think about what sort of property you would want to rent. The most common answer is something of good quality and in a good location. These simple rules should be applied to the purchase of your investment property.

Is vacant land a good investment?

If the land has Development and/or Building Approvals or is in a very good location with development applications in place then land can be a good investment. If it is just a block of land with no approvals or infrastructure then you need to ask yourself "Who is going to buy this block off me when I am ready to sell?". Vacant Land can be a high risk investment and should be researched before committing to it.

What are the risks involved when investing in a growing property market?

The most obvious risk is going to be in the fact that there may not be a strong infrastructure in place and that the control of builders and developers is very weak. It is always advisable to get a good lawyer in the country you are buying a property and make sure you are dealing with a reputable agent and not someone you met on the plane.

How do I ensure I have a diversified portfolio?

With any investment it is always more sensible to diversify your portfolio and spread the risk. In property this would mean not only buying in different locations but also buying different types of property. Some property might have strong capital growth whilst another has better rental returns and in fact is cash flow positive. Diversification has always been the key to any successful investment portfolio.

Should I sell a Development Property before completion?

This strategy has its inherent risks. Property is a long term investment and the strategy that you can buy and sell before a projects completion and make a lot of money fast is risky. You will see the largest returns if you hold the property for more than 1 - 2 years after the completion of the Development.

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